Thank you, Mr. Tim!
23 May 2022

Timothy G. Laman, commonly known as Tim Laman, is an American professional wildlife photographer. He has been capturing hornbills for 25 years, since he first came to Kalimantan in the 1980s.

Through his latest book entitled "BIRD PLANET", Tim is committed to using a portion of the profits from its sales to donate to the hornbill conservation program through Rangkong Indonesia.

BIRD PLANET” is a compilation of photos of Tim Laman's favorite birds that he captures from every continent and major island as well as the various vertebrate groups on the planet. This collection also contains some of the images thats he won in the “Wildlife Photographer of the Year” award and National Geographic magazine.

Tim trusts the Rangkong Indonesia because we have worked closely with local communities that directly protect the habitat and also the Helmeted Hornbill (Rhinoplax vigil) a true forest farmer whose condition by threatened with extinction.

Thank you, Mr. Tim!