Adoption Program
Adoption Program

Rangkong Indonesia wants to invite the wider community to know more about hornbills, as carbon warriors who keep Indonesia's forests healthy and care about their sustainability. 

Rangkong Indonesia has been collecting data as well as monitoring nests and fig trees with the community since 2017 in three habitats in Kapuas Hulu Regency. In fact, nesting hornbills often fail because the trees are cut down, or the female and juvenile are taken as pets or eaten. 

This program was built with local communities to participate in conserving hornbills by encouraging positive relationships between the community and the existence of hornbills. This program is part of the development of community-based hornbill observation ecotourism which started in 2017. 

#YangSetiaYangDijaga is the tagline of campaign for the adoption program to inspire more people to take part in maintaining the sustainability of hornbills in Indonesian forests. 

Various packages offered can be taken individually or in groups. For those who are interested in becoming adopters, they can register via the following form. The adopters will receive an adoption certificate, a sign on the forage tree, updates and documentation of the progress of the hornbill nesting process. 

The adoption period in this program is for one breeding cycle for hornbills, 2-3 months for small hornbills, 3-4 months for large hornbills, and up to 6 months specifically for the helmeted hornbills.